KTS Delivers Indispensable Business Value

We are proud of the value and results we provide our clients. Our client retention rate and the personal relationships we enjoy with our clients also speak to the ethics, effectiveness, responsiveness and consistent, positive results that we believe distinguishes us in the crowded IT services industry.

Headington Oil
"I've had the worst nightmare imaginable. I've experienced the loss of all of our information and applications in the blink of an eye. Thanks to KTS, not only have we not had a repeat of that experience, but they've upgraded our systems, adding backup and security capabilities we didn't have before. We now have a system that really hums. Our overall business performance has improved due to KTS' work. The bottom line for us is that they know what they're doing, they understand our business and they're very accessible and responsive. They've absolutely earned our trust."

Rose Holman, Office Manager
Headington Oil Company



Madison Insurance Group
"KTS understands the insurance business and the specialized software we use to run our business. That's critical to keeping our systems running. Their extensive knowledge of hardware, software, networks and specialized applications, and their proactive approach to the maintenance of our systems has played an important role in our business growth. They provide us with a great deal of peace of mind. As a bonus, we're definitely getting much more value for the dollar from our relationship with KTS than from our previous IT services vendor."

Kim Sorsoleil, IT Support Manager
Madison Insurance Group



Breckenridge Brewery
"We operated for a very long time with technology that was quite dated and that lacked the functionality we needed to run our business in the most productive manner. We didn't have internal IT staff, so not much ever got done to change that situation. KTS truly brought us into this century in terms of desktop, server and networking technology, which has made us a more efficient organization. KTS is very responsive and knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in our business and success."

B.J. Langton, Controller
Breckenridge Brewery



What can KTS do for Your Business?
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