Network Integration
One of the most potentially difficult, costly and time consuming IT issues faced by small and medium sized businesses is technology integration. As your business grows and its needs change, your company must integrate your computer systems so they continue to work properly. We can help you avoid integration pitfalls by designing and setting up a network that leverages your initial investments, avoids costly downtime and implements cutting edge technology that will help you save money by increasing network performance.

We can help you securely integrate and support:
and wireless networks

We can also help you leverage new technologies:
virtual private networking (VPN)
optical, storage area networks
content delivery networks
and mobile and wireless

Network Maintenance
We understand that when your hardware fails, you need it fixed right and fixed quickly. We know that in today's networked world, with so many companies dependent upon their online connections as a revenue-generating component, business simply cannot afford downtime. KTS provides proactive maintenance services to ensure that your hardware and software is up to date with the latest service packs, patches, firmware and upgrades. Predictive and preventative maintenance allows us to determine potential failure trends before they adversely affect your business.
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Growth Planning
We employ highly training engineers that will assist you in developing forward thinking network designs that keep your business growth and goals in mind. Our team is continuously educated and trained to deliver the very best products and service that are required in the ever changing technology landscape. This expertise ensures your systems are up to date, secure and prepared for growth. We will prepare you for growth by performing hardware and software assessments and providing you with capacity and migration planning profiles that will smoothly transition throughout your company's growing IT needs.

When the time comes to relocate your network, we can provide you with the planning, management and deployment services you need to ensure a smooth transition. Our team will design the network architecture for your new location, help you move the equipment and ensure that everything is up and running perfectly. Contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation and quote today. We understand that moving locations can be stressful; therefore, we offer you the ability to rely on our experienced team to ensure the continuity and dependability of your network throughout your move.

Systems Management
Bringing business needs and network needs together has long been a struggle for businesses of all sizes - but it doesn't have to be. Our systems management services help you align your networking systems with your business strategies. Our team will assist you in understanding what your current web, server, networking and operating systems provide and how to make the overall system more effective. By following industry standards, best business practices, and state-of-the-art solutions, our team provides you with the education to better manage your resources and achieve more value from your IT investment strategies. Contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation and quote today.

Phone Systems
Your businesses phone system is one of the most important aspects. Simply put, missing phone calls from customers results in a loss of revenue. Phone systems do not have to be complicated, and our team at KTS identifies important features your business needs to run smoothly, custom designs a phone system, and installs the system.

Multi-User Business Phone System Features Include
Up to 1,000 users
Perfect for businesses just getting started or already established with multiple stores/sites
Built-in call routing intelligence
Conference call hosting for up to 64 parties per call
Remote management and administration from one central location & devise
Automated service prompts
Voice, video and web conferencing
Mobile applications and social software
Call recording and more!

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