Data is critical to everyone's business, and in today's environment… Security is the key!

Businesses do not operate when their systems or data have been compromised. We provide the appropriate security solutions to keep your IT doors secured and your valuable data safe.

KTS can provide you with the following security measures:

  • Assessing your network vulnerabilities. We will identify potential system weaknesses and establish guards set up to ensure confidence that data is secure.

  • Deploying firewalls is an essential part of any network system. Firewalls protect your network from other less trusted networks, and are set to permit or deny traffic traveling in and out of your business network.

  • Providing security for network infiltration except for those you wish into your network. Many organizations want only their employees to have outside access to their networks, not the entire world.

  • Ensure the latest virus protections are in place, that keep pace with the latest bugs, viruses and Trojans detected. We all know they are there - they need not be in your technology and systems. 

  • Utilizing content filtering as an important tool of your network. It is through this filter that your internet doors, both internally and externally, are controlled.

  • Securing email systems to ensure that your network is spam free. It is the goal to stop the outside from recruiting your emails, both inbound and outbound, for the wrong purpose.

At KTS we offer our clients security solutions of all sizes. These solutions are developed to meet the needs of each individual business. We can provide a range of security features and protections and we work with our clients on their entire security program by incorporating network assessments with integrated security services.

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